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Jamie Lynn Spears claims ‘I went out of my way’ to help Britney Spears

Jamie Lynn Spears
Jamie Lynn Spears arrives at the 50th annual CMA Awards at the Bridgestone Arena on Wednesday, Nov. 2, 2016, in Nashville, Tenn. (Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP)

Jamie Lynn Spears talks with ABC about her personal memoir, and relationship with Britney Spears.

Via GMA:

Jamie Lynn she “adored Britney when the two were growing up, adding that her sister “felt like another momma.”

As the years passed, Jamie Lynn wrote in her book, she saw Britney’s behavior change, using the words “erratic,” “paranoid” and “spiraling” in the pages to describe her sister. As for Britney’s mental state now, she said she “can’t really speak to anyone else’s state of mind.”

“I don’t think that’s fair,” she said. “But I’m allowed to say how I felt in those [moments], because that matters. It matters that I was in pain.”

Britney’s conservatorship began in 2008 and, despite being heavily scrutinized over the years, it stuck. Things began to shift, however, last June, when the “…Baby One More Time” singer pleaded with a judge to end what the singer called her “abusive” conservatorship and criticized their father, Jamie Spears. The conservatorship was terminated in November.

“I was happy. I was,” Jamie Lynn said when asked how she felt after the conservatorship was dissolved. “When it was put into place I was 17 years old. I was about to have a baby, so I didn’t understand what was happening. Nor was I focused on that. I was focused on the fact that I was a 17-year-old about to have a baby. I understand just as little about it then as I do now.”

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