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Jana Kramer will celebrate Christmas Eve with children a day late

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Jana Kramer

Jana Kramer will celebrate Christmas Eve with her two children a day late because they will be with her ex-husband Mike Caussin on 24 December.

The singer and One Tree Hill star candidly explained in an Instagram Q&A over the weekend Jolie, six, and Jace, four, will be with their father for a week before she picks them up on Christmas Day.

However, Jana doesn’t want to miss out on doing Christmas Eve traditions with her kids or see them rushing down the stairs to open their presents on Christmas morning, so she will do those a day later than most people.

“I’m going somewhere because I don’t have the kids for a week,” she revealed. “So, I’ll come back from that vacation (on) Christmas Eve. But I’m just gonna pretend like it’s a normal regular day and not Christmas Eve because it’s gonna make me sad. But I’ll pick them up Christmas Day at noon, and then that’s going to be Christmas Eve.”

She continued to say, “So we’ll put out the cookies for Santa, we’ll leave him a letter and stuff for the reindeer, and Santa, because it’s magic, he’s going to come Christmas night. So the next day I’ll be able to see them run down the stairs, and they’ll see the presents Santa left for them. So we’re making it our own this year, and I’m really excited about it.”

Jana, 39, admitted she had been “dreading” this Christmas ever since she finalised her divorce from the former American footballer in July 2021 but it helps that their children are too young to be aware of what day it should be.

“At Dad’s house it’s going to be Christmas Day. It doesn’t mean it has to be the same day here, ’cause they don’t know. They just want to enjoy and be happy and get presents. I’d rather be excited with them than be super-sad on Christmas Eve not having them,” she noted.

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