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Jane Fonda takes responsibility as Oscars voter very seriously

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Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda takes her responsibility as an Academy Awards voter very seriously.

Members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) should watch all films up for consideration each awards season before they cast their vote for the Oscars. However, a lot of movies are submitted each year and not every member gets through them all.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Fonda insisted she takes her duty very seriously and is committed to watching all eligible movies each year, with her watching around six movies each weekend around awards season.

“I’m a Girl Scout when it comes to the Oscars,” she stated. “I watch everything.”

Fonda has been nominated for an Academy Award seven times and won twice for 1971’s Klute and 1978’s Coming Home. The 85-year-old is eligible to vote for the four acting categories as well as Best Picture.

The Grace and Frankie actress has dipped in and out of Hollywood over the years and has considered retirement, but she is aware her profile brings attention to her climate change activism.

“One feeds the other,” she explained. “I recently thought, ‘Maybe I do want to quit acting.’ I mean, I’m 85. But then I realised, my platform matters. It brings people in that might not come in normally.”

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