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Janelle Monae can’t wait to dress up and dance after the pandemic

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Janelle Monae

Janelle Monae is ready to “dress up” and dance until she splits her favourite designer tuxedo pants “in half” once the Covid-19 pandemic is over.

The singer/actress can’t wait for safety restrictions to ease so she can hit the dancefloor with friends and celebrate after so many months of staying at home.

“I don’t think my social skills are as sharp as they were pre-lockdown,” she laughingly told “I hope I’m not too awkward! But I’m definitely ready to dress back up. I want to be on the dance floor splitting my Ralph Lauren tuxedo pants in half, and sweating out my shirt, and popping off the buttons on my double-breasted suit.”

Janelle is a huge fan of Ralph Lauren and recently performed at the brand’s spring 2021 presentation. She admires the fashion label for accurately reflecting modern society when it comes to the models it chooses to represent the brand.

“I think that an American brand should be inclusive, and understanding that we live in a melting pot, which is why I love the models that were chosen,” she explained. “I love the thought behind making sure that we had different forms of beauty.”

Janelle has praised Ralph Lauren for supporting her in the early days of her blossoming career, when no other fashion house would, explaining they were the first label to gift her a tailored suit.

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