Jason and Alexis: Liz has a special thank you!
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Jason and Alexis: Liz has a special thank you!

Click here to learn more about Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly Phone Companion Program!


Thanked the Campbell family for a holiday surprise! So sweet!


Tuesday chat with Liz! Is she an early riser like us?


Liz doesn’t enjoy game shows, but she loved watching this comedian on the TV!


We told Liz about our Project Down and Dirty Classic Radio Drama results! And she remembered her first time voting; she says it’s our most important duty.


The first movie Liz saw in a theater and her favorite actors! We also talked about Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly the program we met Liz and our charity for Project Down and Dirty this year. PD&D started today!


Does Liz like Halloween? We asked her.


Liz joined us for a fun round of Would You Rather today! Dirty kitchen/clean bedroom or clean kitchen/dirty bedroom? She has us laughing out loud!


She has great memories of her 20s and 30s. Plus, she shares a good reminder for women today; it hasn’t always been like this.


Today we played a round of  “Would You Rather” with Liz. Would she rather have water that tastes like vodka or food that tastes like feet? Her answer cracked us up!


We always learn so much from Liz. She has lived through a lot of change and pain in US history and thinks now is the worst because of all the issues we are facing. She wishes we can still be friends even with opposing political views.


Where would Liz go if she could get out and travel? We love her answer! We want to go with her!


She has had a lot of self-reflection in quarantine and shared her takeaways with us this morning.


We talked to Liz today about her State Fair memories! Turns out she’s only been once 30 years ago — what’s her favorite memory of it?


Jason got a chance to wish Liz a Happy Birthday after our serenade last week. She also recommended a book about basketball and young people training together — it’s Kobe Bryant’s book called “The Wizenard Series: Training Camp”


Today we talked to our friend Liz about her mom and how she’s doing in quarantine. We also wished her a Happy Birthday — it’s tomorrow!


Today we talked to Liz about kids going back to school and what she’s most worried about. She taught 50 years ago, but she knows kids and also lived through the Polio Epidemic. We love her approach!


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