Jason & Alexis

Jason and Alexis: Carrot Cake Gate — lies and more lies!

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There’s so many layers to Carrot Cake Gate! Some background first — Alexis’ husband Angel has been reviewing local carrot cake to find the best and to support local businesses. He’s reviewed almost 30 slices of carrot cake. Dawn told Alexis she went to Hudson, Wisconsin and got a piece of carrot cake for Angel and she dropped it by her house on Monday. On Tuesday, Alexis was bummed because the night before while she was out running errands (post office and craft store haha!), Angel called frantic because one of their dogs, Ricky, found a fish head/carcass in the yard, rolled all over it and brought that stink into the house, the baby was hungry and in the midst of all the chaos, their other dog Packie ATE the carrot cake from Dawn! Alexis felt terrible and told the story on Tuesday. WELL….turns out Dawn lied! Here’s her confession.


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WOW. It was a really special cake! But it gets better…(like Alexis’ animal stories) Angel had a confession too…he lied! WTF and LOL! This isn’t over?! What’s next?