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Jason Clarke always strives to ’empower’ his child co-stars

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Jason Clarke

Jason Clarke likes to empower his young co-stars so they don’t feel like a “little puppet”.

The new thriller, directed by Tiller Russell, charts the rise and fall of Ross Ulbricht and his illegal online drugs marketplace Silk Road, and Clarke plays DEA agent Rick Bowden, who uses any means necessary to nail down Ulbricht.

Bowden’s daughter Edie is played by child actress Lexi Rabe, who has an emotional scene towards the end of the movie, and Clarke was determined to make sure she didn’t feel under pressure to deliver the tears.

“With a child, you want it to be real and you want it to be what it is and alive rather than ‘this is my big I’ve got to get upset scene and do my thing’. It’s about the connection to that child,” he explained in an exclusive interview with Cover Media. “(It’s about) making the child feel ‘you know what, you don’t have to perform, you don’t have to bring out your tricks, you don’t have be that be that little puppet’.

“Usually, you’ve got to be the child that cries or tells the funny joke so (I) just to try and empower her that there is no right, there’s only us here and we’re together, trying to give her that experience.”

The Australian actor, who has worked with child stars in other films such as the Pet Sematary remake, admitted working on those scenes with youngsters are some of the toughest during a shoot but are usually the “most rewarding”.

He added, “Just to empower them and begin that journey of ‘you’re an actor, you’re not a doll.'”

Silk Road is available on digital platforms now.

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