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Jason Clarke thrilled to return to work following Covid-19 pandemic

2019 Australians In Film Awards
Jason Clarke

Jason Clarke was thrilled yet nervous to get back to work following the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Zero Dark Thirty actor is currently in Byron Bay in his native Australia shooting the action movie Black Site alongside Jai Courtney and Michelle Monaghan. It’s the first of his upcoming projects to go into production following the start of the pandemic last year, and in an exclusive interview with Cover Media, Clarke admitted he’s enjoying being back on a film set.

“It’s been great to get the film back up because there was a number of ones that we kept magically thinking, ‘London’s going to be OK in the summer holiday’, ‘America’s going to be back up online now’, and it just never came,” he explained. “It was great to return to work, I was nervous, it’s an action film, it’s a tight action film, it’s designed – like a lot of these ones that are coming out that were shot during this period – for it to be contained.

“But it was great to be around crews and other actors again, it really was nice that A: I could still do it… get up in front of the camera and deliver certain things, and just that sense of community, you get a lot of worth from working as well.”

When asked if it felt weird filming with all the safety protocols in place, he shared that “we’re living differently” in Australia, which has reported less than 20 Covid-19 cases per day during March, and they don’t have to follow Screen Actors Guild (SAG) guidelines like big Hollywood productions as “we carry out our government ones here and Australia’s reaping the reward of what they’ve done.”

Clarke is promoting his new movie Silk Road, which tells the story of Ross Ulbricht and the rise and fall of the illegal online drugs marketplace. Silk Road is on digital platforms from 22 March.

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