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Jason Derulo ditched salmon smoothies following bone discovery

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Jason Derulo

Jason Derulo had to switch up his salmon smoothies when he started finding bones in his morning wake-up shake.

The R&B star started mixing up fish shakes to amp up his diet and get a fill of nutrition last year, but admitted the texture and the taste were far from appealing.

“Salmon wasn’t good because within those cans they have little bones in it,” he told Access Daily, adding: “Tuna worked a little better.”

Explaining: “It was basically blending the tuna and then putting in a little hot sauce, a little pepper and then drinking that thing down,” the singer admitted the taste left a lot to be desired but it worked wonders on his physique.

“I was shredded out of my mind… If I could do that again, I would, but I just can’t,” he went on.

The In My Head hitmaker previously told GQ in August that he has experimented with lots of “crazy” diets.

“My diet changes pretty often. I’ve done everything under the sun. I used to blend my salmon and have a salmon shake,” he said.

“I did all kinds of crazy s**t. Sometimes I would literally just eat a bunch of eggs. Eggs and veggies. I went vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian. What works the best for me is when I intermittent fast and just do a high protein diet,” he shared.

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