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Jason Scott Lee confirms cameo role in live-action Lilo & Stitch movie

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Jason Scott Lee

Jason Scott Lee has confirmed his cameo appearance in Disney’s live-action Lilo & Stitch movie.

During an appearance on the Kyle Meredith With… podcast, the actor, who voiced David in the original Lilo & Stitch animated movie, confirmed that he would appear in the upcoming live-action remake.

“I got a little, small (part),” Jason, 56, told host Kyle Meredith. “They threw me some bones, and I said, ‘Yeah, absolutely! In any capacity.'”

The actor revealed that he will appear as the luau manager and interact with the new actors portraying David, Lilo and Nani.

“I get to see the kid that’s playing my character that I voiced, David. And I’ll get to see Lilo and I’ll get to see Nani, the new people, the actors that are playing them. So it’ll be fun,” he said. “I just wanted to be a part of it, so it’s a three-day cameo, and I think it will be fun.”

Kaipo Dudoit has been cast as David in the live-action Lilo & Stitch alongside Maia Kealoha as Lilo and Sydney Agudong as Nani.

Lee isn’t the only voice actor returning from the 2002 original – Tia Carrere and Amy Hill will appear in the remake as new characters while Chris Sanders will return as the voice of Stitch.

The remake, also starring Zach Galifianakis, Billy Magnussen, and Courtney B. Vance, is currently filming.

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