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Jay Leno ‘doing good’ after motorcycle and car fire accidents

Jay Leno On Good Day New York
Jay Leno

Jay Leno has assured fans he is “doing good” after being involved in two separate vehicle-related accidents.

In an exclusive chat with Page Six, the 73-year-old comedian revealed he was “fine” and “luckier than most people” following his motorcycle and car fire accidents.

“Look, when you’re in my position, when you’re any kind of celebrity, you’re luckier than most people. So when something bad happens to you, you can’t whine and complain about it because bad things happen to people every day,” the former Tonight Show host explained. “Either they get burned or they get cut – and they don’t have the financial wherewithal I did.”

The comedian suffered second- and third-degree burns and had to undergo skin grafts “from a gasoline fire” while working on a 1907 White Steam Car at his Big Dog Garage in Burbank, California in November last year. He then suffered a broken collarbone, two fractured ribs, and two cracked kneecaps after crashing his vintage motorbike in Las Vegas on 17 January this year.

Jay stated in his interview that “people love to see rich people catch on fire” because in Hollywood “as long as you look okay, you’re okay. Nobody really cares how you feel.”

Jay has been set to take on guest judging duties on an upcoming episode of Hot Wheels: Ultimate Challenge, premiering 30 May on NBC.

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