Jay from ‘Serial’ finally gives interview!
Bradley Traynor

Jay from ‘Serial’ finally gives interview!

If you were obsessed with “Serial,” the 12-episode podcast about the 1999 murder of a high school student in Baltimore, you probably walked away with a lot of questions.

And many of those questions were probably about/for Jay Wilds, the state’s key witness in the conviction of Adnan Syed.

Wilds refused to let host/reporter Sarah Koenig interview him for the podcast, but he recently opened up to The Intercept.

The interview covers all sorts of territory and, frankly, changes the story’s timeline of events… Again… Making this case even more frustrating and confounding than before.

Head over to The Intercept to check out the first of a multi-part interview. 

And let me know if you think Adnan is any more or less guilty as a result.




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