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Jeff Bridges reveals tumour has shrunk ‘to the size of a marble’

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Jeff Bridges

Jeff Bridges has revealed his tumour has shrunk “to the size of a marble” following treatment.

The Big Lebowski actor was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma after doctors found a “9-by-12-inch tumor” in his stomach in 2020. During his battle with cancer, he contracted Covid-19 in January 2021 and was hospitalised for five weeks.

While speaking to AARP for an interview published on Tuesday, Bridges revealed the tumour has shrunk “to the size of a marble” after oral and infusion chemotherapy treatments.

While his cancer has been in remission since September 2021, The Old Man star admitted that his recovery from the coronavirus took much longer.

“A lot of getting better was a matter of setting really small goals. At first they’d say, ‘How long can you stand?’ For a while, my record was 45 seconds before I’d collapse,” the 73-year-old explained. “And then they were saying: ‘Oh, look, you’re standing for a minute! That’s so cool, now can you walk 5 feet?'”

The Oscar-winning actor confessed that he didn’t think he would ever work again at the time, but he eventually resumed filming on The Old Man and is currently shooting the second season.

“I didn’t think I’d ever work again, really,” he shared. “So at first I said, ‘Well, we’ll see.’ But eventually that became, ‘Maybe I can.’ I have to admit that I was still frightened of going back to work. Then I began to think of my recovery as a gift being presented.

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