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Jennie Garth & Tori Spelling fire back at Vanessa Marcil’s tough ‘90210’ set claims

Tori Spelling, Jennie Garth
Tori Spelling, left, and Jennie Garth arrive at the Teen Choice Awards on Sunday, Aug. 11, 2019, in Hermosa Beach, Calif. (Photo by Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP)

“Beverly Hills, 90210” stars Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling have fired back at new ‘mean girl’ allegations directed at them by former co-star Vanessa Marcil.

Months after the castmates defended themselves against claims Jessica Alba made about her experience on the 90210 set, alleging she was told not to make eye contact with the stars, Jennie and Tori are in the firing line again – this time from Vanessa, who played Gina Kincaid on the show.

During an Instagram Live last month, Vanessa said she hadn’t expected to encounter so much “cattiness” on the show, and when she decided to confront Jennie about her feelings she was allegedly told, “Maybe it would help if you didn’t walk around like somebody who isn’t liked?”

Vanessa went on to admit that she took the alleged comments “too personally” and later decided to leave the show.

Jennie and Tori have addressed their former castmate’s comments on their 9021OMG podcast, with Tori defending her pal.

“What the f**k does that mean? That doesn’t sound like something you would even say,” she revealed. “I’m going to go on record that you didn’t say that… No matter how she phrases it, it has a negative connotation to it.

“You and Vanessa weren’t that close. She played my cousin. I worked a lot with her. I don’t remember you guys having that many interactions. I don’t believe that you would take it upon yourself to be like, ‘Here’s why you’re acting like someone who’s not liked’.

“I hung out with Vanessa a lot. She was always great to me, always very nice, very professional. I don’t remember her having a bad time or a hard go at it or even presenting problems. She was very well-liked. She’s the type of girl that has no problem fitting in anywhere.”

Jennie also responded to Vanessa’s comments, giving her own take on the events.

“It is sound advice, if you think about it, because we do walk around sometimes thinking everything’s about us…,” she said. “That, for me as a grown woman, has been a huge thing to learn and a huge thing to start practising. There’s always been this energy of a competitive environment amongst especially women. And that has shifted now in a beautiful way and now the messaging is different, and women are allowed somehow in a different way to support each other.”

“From what I sort of gleaned… she was in a bad place in her personal life, in her development,” Jennie added. “Like she was in that place where she took everything too personally.”

Tori also questioned Vanessa’s claim that she quit the show.

“Did she leave the show…? I didn’t know she left the show,” she said. “I’m aware that she stopped being on the show; I was not aware that she left the show. I just don’t remember that character going on.”

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