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Jennifer Aniston learned tough money lesson from early Friends splurge

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Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston used her first Friends paycheck to buy a vintage car worth $13,000 (£10,447), which turned out to be a “lemon”.

In a new video interview with Popsugar, shared on Tiktok, Aniston revealed the cream-coloured Mercedes 270 SL broke down after only two drives.

“It sat forever, saying ‘for sale’ on it for like two years. And I remember thinking, ‘Wouldn’t it be great if I could buy that car one day?'” she explained. “And then the first year of Friends happened and I was like, ‘You know what, I’m going to buy that antique car, because I’ve always loved that car.’ I can’t remember how much it was. It might’ve been like $13,000.

“It was a lemon and that’s why it’s been sitting there and I didn’t know any better to get it checked out. So that was a nice 25-year-old mistake.”

Despite her efforts to fix it, the 54-year-old actress, who found global fame after the popular sitcom debuted in 1994, couldn’t get the car to work properly.

“So, it might’ve honestly just been the shell of a car, and I was the sucker to finally purchase it,” she admitted.

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