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Jennifer Coolidge praises Chloe Fineman’s Saturday Night Live impression

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Jennifer Coolidge

Jennifer Coolidge has applauded Chloe Fineman’s “hilarious” impersonation of her on Saturday Night Live.

During a sketch that aired on the comedy show over the weekend, Chloe imitated The White Lotus actress’s distinctive mannerisms and voice while reflecting on aspects of the festive season.

Holding up a Christmas stocking, the 34-year-old commented, “Oh, look at this. A big sock full of gifts. You know, the ultimate stocking stuffer is a foot…” and while looking at Christmas lights, she dead-panned: “One year, I got the blinking ones. I left my Christmas tree on all night and learned my cat was epileptic.”

Taking to Instagram, Jennifer praised Chloe’s commitment to nailing the bit during the sketch titled Jennifer Coolidge is Impressed by Christmas stuff.

“Wow! A massive thanks to Saturday Night Live!! and to the exceptionally brilliant impressionist @ChloeIsCrazy with your hilarious imitation!!” she wrote alongside a clip of the performance, before revealing that she “tried” for years to get cast on the long-running series. “Also, congrats to the new cast members!! I know how hard it is to get on that show, I tried my a*s off to be one but you actually made it!! What a feat! Happy holidays to you all!!”

In response to the comment, Chloe replied, “Happy holidays!!! Thank you for being such a gift to us all.”

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