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Jennifer Garner thrilled to get her ears pierced for the first time

Jennifer Garner has finally got her ears pierced at the age of 48.

The actress revealed she was thrilled by the new piercings, and said she had been avoiding the procedure after being raised in a household where her father had a strict approach to piercings.

“I’m so thrilled by them, I can’t believe it never occurred to me to do this. I love them. But yes, at the age of 48, I finally got my ears pierced,” Jennifer said during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, adding that she was also worried about getting them done because she feared she wouldn’t like having pierced ears.

“But I do, it’s really nice to have something sparkly,” the Yes Day star said.

Fans on social media suggested that she had been wearing clip-on earrings for previous red carpet events, rather than jewels for pierced ears.

Jennifer also shared that she sweetly asked her father before going through with the procedure, because she was “afraid” he wouldn’t approve of her having her ears pierced.

“I was afraid that my dad would still not like it and he was kind of like ‘Jennifer, I love anything you do,’ so I was like ‘Okay,’ ” the mother-of-three laughed.

However, she revealed that her experience of getting the piercing was “medieval”, and blamed the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic for the unconventional method.

“This man came over and he had a big fat spiky thing and held my earlobe and just went (bzzz),” she said. “It seemed medieval to me, but that’s just pandemic ear piercing I guess.”

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