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Jennifer Hudson recalls learning ‘diva lesson’ from Diana Ross

2022 Tony Awards Press Room
Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson has shared the “diva lesson” she learned from Diana Ross.

During a segment for The Jennifer Hudson Show on Monday, the singer recalled how she discovered the “hard way” to always dress up when going to a concert, as she wore a slip dress, pink scarf, and “foufou chichi house shoes” to the music icon’s gig at the Chicago Theater back in July 2019.

Jennifer had been expecting to relax in a “sky box”, however, Diana had other plans.

“Get there, it turns out my seat is at the nose of the stage. So now, I’m in the middle of everybody with my flip-flops on. I’m leaving…and as soon as I get to the back door, my security guard says, ‘Diana Ross wants you to come to the stage,'” she remembered. “(I was like), ‘Huh? Do you see these shoes? I can’t go out on no stage to no Diana Ross in no flip-flops!'”

Jennifer proceeded to share a clip of her wearing the slippers onstage with Diana while they performed Endless Love.

“Anyway, that’s me. She had me singing on the stage with her. I was grateful to know the song, but I was so ashamed I had on those flip-flops, y’all,” the 41-year-old continued. “But if there’s anyone to get a diva lesson from, and I’m the type of chick you only gotta tell me one time, you ain’t never going to see Jennifer come up to anyone’s concert with the flip-flops. Y’all I was so done with myself. And she was so gracious. Thank you, Diana Ross, for not putting me off that stage.”

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