Jennifer Lawrence, Amy Schumer working on a screenplay!
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Jennifer Lawrence, Amy Schumer working on a screenplay!

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence is having the “most fun experience” of her life writing with Amy Schumer.

The Oscar winner has joined forces with the Trainwreck actress to work on a screenplay for a comedy. Fans of both entertainers will be more overjoyed to learn the pair will also star as sisters in the production.

“We’re almost done writing. It just flowed out of us. We’ve got about 100 pages right now,” she told the New York Times. “Amy and I were creatively made for each other. We have different flavors. It’s been the most fun experience of my life.”

The stars first showed off their friendship earlier this month when they went on vacation together in the Hamptons. They seemed to be in a constant fit of giggles during the trip, and their working environment seems to be the same.

“We start the day off on the phone, laughing. And then we send each other pages. And we crack up,” Jennifer continued. “I’m flying out tomorrow to see her in Chicago. We’ll write a little bit with her sister, Kim, who worked with Amy when she was writing Trainwreck.”

It was after seeing Amy’s comedic skills firsthand that Jennifer decided to reach out to her about the screenplay.

“I said, ‘I don’t know where to get started. I guess I should just say it: I’m in love with you,'” she laughed. “We started emailing, and then emailing turned to texting.”

Amy recently revealed details of their holiday, but admitted some friends were unable to keep their composure around the Hunger Games star.

“She came, and my friends from high school were just freaking out. But they played it really cool,” she told BBC Radio 1. “Except my one friend Jess. Jess is like, ‘Jennifer, I think I should be allowed to go to The Hunger Games premiere,’ and we’re like… one of my friends spat out her beer. [Jess] was like, ‘I’m a fan, I’ve read all the books.’ It was so humiliating. But Jennifer was very cool.”

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