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Jennifer Lawrence dubs husband the ‘greatest father in the world’

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Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence gave a shout out to her husband Cooke Maroney for his parenting abilities.

In a cover story for Interview Magazine published on Tuesday, The Hunger Games star, 32, talked juggling parenting while working in Hollywood.

“Fortunately, my husband is the greatest father in the entire world,” Jennifer said of the 38-year-old art dealer. “So when I’m working, I don’t have any more guilt than the usual every day, all-day parent guilt.”

The couple welcomed their first son, Cy, in February 2022. Since the new addition to their family, the Silver Linings Playbook actor admitted she has become more selective in choosing her projects.

“There’s no squeezing when you have a baby,” she explained. “It definitely helps weed out projects: ‘Yes. No. Yes. No. Yes. No. Is this worth being away from my child for half the day?'”

Jennifer also reflected on the potential pitfalls of raising the son of an Oscar-winning movie star.

“I’ve contemplated having a child that’s being born into a lifestyle that’s different from his friends,” she admitted. “But kids have advantages and disadvantages when they’re born, all of them. The best thing I can do is just make sure he knows he’s loved, and that he’s our number one priority.”

Jennifer’s new comedy film, No Hard Feelings, released on 22 June.

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