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Jennifer Lopez wears highlighter to the gym

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Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez never leaves the house without a full face of make-up on.

In a video tutorial posted on the Instagram page for her JLo Beauty brand, the superstar opened up about her daily skincare regime, and noted that she even wears make-up to the gym.

“I can’t leave the house without lip gloss and mascara. I have to do that. And honestly, I put on the booster (highlighter) to go and work out. I put it on my shoulders, can you see the little glow right there? Can you see a little glow on my cheek?” she said, before displaying the golden shimmer powder on her arms and face. “Yeah, I put it on, I want to look good when I look into the mirror. I have to motivate myself!”

Confirming that she dusts face and shoulders with highlighter before exercising, Jennifer also noted that she washes all of the sweat and make-up off as soon as she’s done with her training session.

“After I work out and I am a sweaty like this and a little dirty from everything that just happened, the first thing I do is I take my cleanser, it is made to take off all the make-up, all the dirt, all the oils,” the 52-year-old said, before demonstrating how she washes her face with the JLo Beauty That Hit Single cleanser.

Elsewhere, Jennifer raved about two other products in the range – the That Big Screen moisturiser with SPF and the That JLo Glow Serum.

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