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Jenny McCarthy praises late Suzanne Somers for ‘shattering stereotypes’

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Jenny McCarthy has paid tribute to her late mentor and friend Suzanne Somers.

In an essay published by Variety on Tuesday, the television personality mourned the Three’s Company star, who died aged 76 on 15 October at her home in Palm Springs, California.

“We all aspire to leave behind a positive impact, and Suzanne Somers achieved that and much more. In Hollywood, she shattered stereotypes, proving that ditsy blondes were often played by some of the sharpest women in the industry,” Jenny began in her essay. “Suzanne’s brilliance was undeniable.”

Jenny explained that she was “captivated” by Suzanne as Chrissy Snow on Three’s Company thanks to her beauty, comedic timing and her ability to win over the audience’s hearts.

“Shortly after arriving in Hollywood, I had the privilege of sharing a meal with Suzanne. They say ‘Never meet your heroes,’ but this adage didn’t hold true when it came to Suzanne,” she continued. “She embodied everything my younger self had admired. She was intelligent, beautiful, humorous and, above all, compassionate. Suzanne took the time to mentor me, influencing not just my career but also my personal life.”

While Jenny has many great personal memories of Suzanne, she singled out her favourite – when the Step by Step actress appeared as Chrissy Snow on her MTV sketch series, The Jenny McCarthy Show.

Concluding her tribute, The Masked Singer judge wrote, “Suzanne was a radiant force of transformation in countless lives, and it’s hard to convey the depth of my appreciation for her in words. She leaves behind a loving family and a world of fans who will dearly miss her. Thank you, Suzanne, for making our world a better place.”

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