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Jesse Armstrong settles Succession mystery

'Succession' Season 3 Emmy FYC Screening And Panel
Jesse Armstrong

Succession creator Jesse Armstrong has settled a debate about a moment in the TV show’s final season.

During an event hosted by the Financial Times in London, the Succession creator was asked about a scene in the show’s fourth and final season which sparked debate among fans.

The scene depicted Frank, played by Peter Friedman, finding a piece of paper seemingly noting that Jeremy Strong’s Kendall Roy would be named successor to the late Logan Roy, portrayed by Brian Cox. However, a line starting underneath Kendall’s name moves up to cross out the latter part of it, prompting fans to question whether Logan had underlined the name – indicating he wanted Kendall as his successor – or crossed it out – suggesting he didn’t.

In a video from the Financial Times event shared to Twitter/X, Jesse responded to a question about the scene, “If you were gonna cross out, you wouldn’t start underneath, would you?”

An audience member could be heard calling out, “Underlined!”

The series creator noted that he wouldn’t settle Succession mysteries while it was airing, but following its finale he was “happy to spoil it by telling you what I think of everything”.

Succession concluded with its fourth and final season in May.

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