Jessica Biel wants to teach gals about their bodies
Colleen Lindstrom

Jessica Biel wants to teach gals about their bodies

Jessica Biel, former “7th Heaven” star and current wife of Justin Timberlake is launching a Sex Ed website. This is not an Onion headline.

She apparently realized when she was trying to get pregnant with Justin Timberlake’s baby, that she slept through Sex Ed and didn’t know how the whole “getting pregnant” thing worked.

Obviously, she figured it out.

Jessica Biel Justin Timberlake

But, she assumes that all the rest of the gals of the world also missed out on this important information, so Jessica Biel wants to bring this essential information of sexual education to the masses on this thing called the internet.

She is teaming up with WomanCare Global founder Saundra Pelletier to help teach women about their own bodies. They will use a series of videos that will be goofy and serious.

If nothing else, please let this be incentive to the parents of the world to work very hard to educate their daughters (and sons for that matter) about the human body, so that they don’t have to learn from Jessica Biel on the internet.



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