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Jessie James Decker’s breast implants ‘quadruple in size’ during pregnancy

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Jessie James Decker

Jessie James Decker has detailed her experience having breast implants while pregnant with her fourth baby.

During a Q&A held on her Instagram Story on Sunday, the My Cowboy singer opened up about an “issue” she’s experienced with her breast implants during her fourth pregnancy.

In response to a fan asking, “Are you nervous about BF (breast feeding) now with implants?” Jessie, 35, said, “No. I’ve had implants and nursed just fine.”

However, the singer added, “I will say the issue is if I had known we were going to have another I wouldn’t have gone so big cus when I’m pregnant they get massive, like quadruple in size. Def will need a reduction in the future & will downsize.

“It was fun while it lasted, but phew dey bigz already and I’m over it. Give me some schmediumz.”

The country singer also confirmed on Sunday that she and her husband, former NFL star Eric Decker, were not trying to conceive before they discovered Jessie was pregnant.

“It was not planned,” Jessie said on social media. “As you know, I had been telling Eric it was probably time to get a vasectomy because I felt like we were done, but I just feel like God always has other plans. It was extremely shocking and surprising but (we are) happy (and) excited.”

The hitmaker announced the news of her pregnancy last week on Instagram.

Jessie and Eric already share three children, nine-year-old Vivianne, eight-year-old Eric, and five-year-old Forrest.

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