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Jesy Nelson lands Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs cameo in Boyz music video

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Jesy Nelson

Jesy Nelson has snagged a cameo from Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs for the music video for her debut solo single Boyz.

The singer, who quit girl group Little Mix in December, officially launched her solo career on Friday when she released the track, which samples the beat from the rapper’s 2001 track Bad Boy for Life. The music video is also heavily inspired by Diddy’s original promo, which shows him moving into a perfect neighbourhood with his friends and causing havoc.

Jesy’s video follows the same storyline and even includes shot-for-shot remakes of certain scenes, including her singing while sat on the roof and breaking a neighbour’s window with a golf ball. In the original, the disgruntled neighbour who comes over to complain was played by Ben Stiller, but in this version, Diddy takes on that role.

“Hey Jeezy, Jesy, Little Mix, whatever y’all calling yourselves these days, check it out,” he says in his cameo. “I live next door – the golf balls through the window, that’s not going to work. This isn’t going to fly. And Friday nights, that’s my night, that’s the night that I party, hands off of Friday nights. And also, if you’re having a party, y’all can invite me too. Welcome to the neighbourhood and good luck to you on your career.”

It was reported that the song and video were delayed for several weeks so the hip-hop star could appear in the promo.

The song, which is about Jesy’s attraction to bad boys, also features a verse from Nicki Minaj, who previously worked with Little Mix on Woman Like Me. The rapper appears in the music video too, performing with a band in the garage, a scene also taken from Diddy’s original version.

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