Jillian Michael’s Yacht Nightmare: Video Here
Dawn McClain

Jillian Michael’s Yacht Nightmare: Video Here

Biggest Loser Fitness Coach Jillian Michaels dropped a pretty penny on a yacht vacation with her daughter, friends and family.  Cruising around Italy and the beautiful Amalfi coast was the plan. The 12 day vacation was supposed to be bliss, and cost the TV star approximately $60,000.  This of course is a large sum of money for anyone (Unless you’re making Katy Perry or Beyonce money).  You would expect the cruise to be so exquisite, with memories to last a lifetime.  If you’ve ever watched the show, Below Deck on Bravo, this is what we are talking about.

However, as soon as Jillian boarded the vessel, she noticed it wasn’t up to par.  Jillian told TMZ that the yacht was filthy, there was no hot water, wifi and no one spoke fluent English.  I don’t know about you, but having basic living requirements is a must if I am paying that kind of price tag!  We always assume that celebrities are being divas, or too demanding…but honestly, $60,00o dollars and no hot water is pretty ridiculous.

It gets worse!  Halfway through their journey, the Italian crew demanded more money from Ms. Michaels, stating that they could not dock at a port without extra cash because of the Italian Mafia’s demands to double the price of fuel.  The entire fuel budget had been spent to pay off the Mafia.  What??? Jillian felt like her family was being held hostage, and the entire encounter was a nightmare.  She tried to contact the FBI, but couldn’t reach them.  Here is a video courtesy of TMZ where she is telling a crew member off.  You go girl!  Do you think she will ever get her money back?   Right now, they are staying at a hotel after the crew FINALLY agreed to take them to shore.  I don’t think these guys realize who they are messing with.  Catch the latest on the Story at TMZ.



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