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Joan Collins reveals near-death experience on film set

Joan Collins nearly died on the set of 1977 sci-fi movie “Empire of the Ants.”

English star Joan discussed her 70-year film career in a wide-ranging interview with Piers Morgan for the Daily Mail, touching on the casting couch culture, famous lovers, and Golden Age greats.

And when her pal Piers asked about any near-death experiences, the 87-year-old revealed there had been one scary moment on the set of a film.

“I was doing a frightful movie called Empire of the Ants in the Florida swamps. It was very windy and the driver of this ancient old Buick or Cadillac, one of those really heavy American cars, opened the door to me and when I got out, the full force of the wind sent the door right on to my face and knocked me out,” she recalled. “It could have killed me. I came to, lying on the floor in the field.

“Yes, they were standing by me saying, ‘Is she alive?’ I had a huge egg-shaped thing on my head and sent a Polaroid to my kids saying, ‘This is what your mother has to do to pay for your school fees.’ I was so, so, so lucky that I didn’t have lasting brain damage.”

Joan also opened up about her feud with double Oscar winner Bette Davis, which began when they starred together in The Virgin Queen in 1955.

“She was a terrifying old actress who didn’t like young pretty girls. I was one of her six ladies-in-waiting and we all banded together and hid in corners on the set to try to avoid catching her beady eye,” Joan shared.

“If we were giggling and not concentrating on our roles, she’d scream: ‘What makes you think you’ll ever be proper actresses!?’ She was pretty rude.”

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