Joaquin Phoenix is funny, but not engaged
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Joaquin Phoenix is funny, but not engaged

Joaquin Phoenix is not engaged.

The Hollywood actor claimed he and an unnamed yoga instructor were set to marry during an appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman last night.

However it turns out this was just a tall tale, used by Joaquin to spice up the chat.

“I think my life’s so boring, and it seemed like something exciting to talk about, and I wanted the audience to like me,” Joaquin said earlier today when he stopped by Good Morning America. “They really like people getting married.

“I can get engaged again, if you like.”

After his Good Morning America chat, the show took to its Twitter account to make sure people knew the truth.

“Joaquin Phoenix – not engaged. Says he needed to spice up his “story” a little bit to capture the audience. People do love engagements… (sic)” it posted.

Joaquin’s publicist has also denied the claims, stating the actor was just pranking the audience.

“Joaquin has an extraordinary and spontaneous sense of humor but it is not true,” his rep told British newspaper The Independent.

Using his David Letterman appearance to show off his acting skills, the triple Oscar-nominated star made for a convincing groom-to-be.

Sharing the fictional love story, the 40-year-old actor went into detail about how romance blossomed from a breathing exercise.

“First we do these breathing exercises and I go, ‘I can do this…’ and then she says we are going to get in the first position – the ‘harnessing of the hog’. Before I can say, ‘Who is the hog?’ She grabs me – and it’s a compromising and vulnerable position – and she gets a strap and puts it [around me] and she’s thrusting [against] me and I go, ‘Oh, no! My back pain!’ And she goes, ‘No, that’s your emotional back pain,'” he told the delighted audience.

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