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Jodie Turner-Smith and Joshua Jackson prefer ‘quiet existence’ away from spotlight

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Jodie Turner-Smith

Jodie Turner-Smith and Joshua Jackson prefer to live a “quiet existence” where they go about their business peacefully.

The Queen & Slim actress told playwright Jeremy O. Harris in an interview for AnOther Magazine that she sometimes feels unnerved by the level of fame she’s experienced since she began dating the Dawson’s Creek actor.

She shared that they prefer to go to places where they’re less likely to be noticed by the public to protect themselves and their young daughter.

“We just go about our business. And we always go to places that are more remote and not too intense, so that we can live a quiet existence anyway because that’s what we prefer,” she said. “It definitely is a little bit unnerving, fame, especially because a lot of my fame comes from the fact that my husband’s been famous for a long time and I’m a Black woman married to him. As I said, political body. That is a story for people.”

Jodie and Joshua married in 2019 and their daughter will turn two later this month. The British actress explained that their child did not choose having famous parents so they want to shelter her from the spotlight as much as they can.

“That is not what my daughter chose. I want to protect her from that for as long as I can and not let the more negative elements of that affect her. I just want her to feel like a grounded human being, as grounded as one can be when you grow up wealthy,” she stated.

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