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John Amos’ representative denies daughter’s elder abuse claim

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John Amos

A representative for actor John Amos has dismissed his daughter’s claims of elder abuse.

In a Thursday statement to the New York Post, a spokesperson for the Good Times star responded to a claim made on GoFundMe by a user purporting to be Shannon Amos, John’s daughter.

The user claimed on their GoFundMe page that John was “fighting for his life” in the intensive care unit (ICU) while suffering from elder abuse.

However, his rep Belinda Foster told the Post the 83-year-old actor was “doing well” while hospitalised in Memphis, Tennessee. She explained that John was in hospital because his lower body was filling with fluid and causing heart issues.

She also insisted that the actor did not authorise the GoFundMe page and had no idea it existed. She stated that the page was not accurate.

In a Thursday Instagram video, Shannon suggested that her father “probably wouldn’t love that I started a GoFundMe page” because he was a private person. She again claimed in another post that John was “a victim of elder abuse” and had faced “financial exploitation”.

In addition to Good Times, Amos is best known for appearances in TV shows such as Roots and The West Wing and movies like Coming to America and Die Hard 2.

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