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John Mayer admits his song Paper Doll sounds ‘sarcastic’

John Mayer out in Manhattan in Hawaiian Shirt
John Mayer

John Mayer recently considered why people didn’t warm to his 2013 track Paper Doll.

While performing at a recent concert in Sacramento, California, the singer reflected on the negative reception the track received.

“I wonder if people don’t like it because it sounds a little p**sed off,” John said as he strummed the first chords of the song, via E! News. “I don’t really like ‘p**sed off’ as a song… There’s something about it that’s a little b**chy.”

The musician insisted he tries “not to give b**chiness” in his music but that it “happens sometimes” anyway. He then candidly acknowledged that Paper Doll has “sarcastic b**ch” vibes.

He concluded, “I guess it is sort of a little bit bleh.”

Upon its release, fans speculated that Paper Doll was a response to Taylor Swift’s 2010 song Dear John, which is believed to be about their relationship and split.

John addressed the rumours surrounding the song in a 2019 Instagram Live, saying Paper Doll “didn’t get the love it deserved” because of the rumours.

“We don’t talk about who the songs are either inspired by or reference,” he insisted. “When Paper Doll came out, 100 per cent of the people believed it was about somebody and the person that they thought it was about brought a certain amount of a superficial pop culture back and forth.”

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