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John Mayer tests positive for Covid-19 twice within two months

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John Mayer

John Mayer has tested positive for Covid-19 several weeks after previously contracting the virus.

The singer-songwriter, who previously tested positive in early January, announced on Instagram on Thursday that he had to reschedule four shows on his Sob Rock tour as he has contracted the virus again.

“Whelp. More members of the band tested positive for Covid today, and I was one of them,” he wrote. “This means we have to reschedule the next four shows, which we’ve already rescheduled and posted above. I’m so sorry to make you change your plans.”

The 44-year-old admitted he was confused about how he’d managed to get Covid-19 twice in such a short space of time, and revealed his second run-in with the virus was worse than the first.

“This is a bummer for everyone in the band and crew, to say nothing of the question hanging over everyone’s head – mine included – as to how I tested positive on PCR twice in two months. (The first was extremely mild, but this one’s got the better of me.) We’ll give you everything we’ve got at these upcoming shows, just as soon as we rest up and regroup,” he concluded his post.

The shows in Pennsylvania, New York and Massachusetts have been rescheduled to May.

Mayer’s diagnosis comes days after he performed an acoustic show in Madison Square Garden in New York on Monday as his drummer Steve Ferrone and background vocalist Carlos Ricketts had tested positive for Covid-19.

He didn’t disclose which other band members had contracted the virus in his latest post.

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