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John Mayer to launch ‘highly ambitious’ new SiriusXM channel

John Mayer Live at Staples Center- Battle Studies World Tour
John Mayer

John Mayer has announced the launch of his new SiriusXM radio channel.

The Waiting on the World to Change singer announced on Monday that he would launch his upcoming music channel, Life with John Mayer, in November.

“I’ve had a dream over the last several years to create a dynamic, real-time music channel that focuses less on genre and more on our changing emotional states throughout the days and weeks,” John said in a statement, reports Billboard. “It’s a highly ambitious project, and SiriusXM is the perfect partner to build this experience with. I look forward to creating and fostering a sense of community through this channel, and shining a light on what music does best – providing the soundtrack to our lives.”

According to the official description, the show would provide a “musical experience hand-selected by the guitarist and songwriter and an ever-evolving world of music built from Mayer’s classics, collaborations and never-before-heard material blended in with the music he loves”.

It would not be defined by genre, time of day, or day of the week.

SiriusXM President and Chief Content Officer, Scott Greenstein, added that Life with John Mayer will be a showcase for the singer’s “deep love” of music.

“To have a musician as brilliant as John creating and curating a daily soundtrack for all of us is very special, and we’re honoured and proud that John has chosen SiriusXM as the place where his fans can share this musical experience with him,” he added.

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