John Stamos Was Close to Manchester Attack; Pens emotional thoughts
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John Stamos Was Close to Manchester Attack; Pens emotional thoughts

John Stamos was just less than a mile away performing in Manchester with the Beach Boys at a different venue.  He experienced the terror and had some heartfelt things to say about the outpouring of love he sees.

As I sit in my hotel room, less than half a mile from the attack, I can’t help but think of these young kids who just wanted to go to a concert and sing and dance and be taken away if just for the night. I was one of those kids doing the same when I was young hanging out at Beach Boys shows. The songs may be different… but it’s the same joy those young kids felt Monday night in Manchester. Concerts are one of the greatest experiences in life— they are enduring symbols of freedom and liberty. You cheer, you sing, you dance. You leave exhausted and exhilarated at the same time. You remember every show you attend. They’re all special. I think of all those parents who surprised their kids with tickets and my heart aches. I think of all those fans and how important that show was to them. My heart aches for the victims, their families and music fans everywhere. I couldn’t sit in my room any longer, so I got out and started walking around near the arena thinking… How do we explain this to kids? How do you make sense of such a horrific tragedy? For a moment, I was comforted by the site of a police officer comforting a young child (see pic). It reminded me that compassion and love will always conquer hate. I will play with The Beach Boys tomorrow night in memory of all those we lost and as a prayer for the strength to carry on in these troubling times. Manchester will be in my heart now and always. – JS

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