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JoJo Siwa calls Candace Cameron Bure ‘rudest celebrity’ she’s met

JoJo Siwa outside the ABC Studios
Candace Cameron Bure

JoJo Siwa has labelled Candace Cameron Bure the “rudest celebrity” she’s met in a viral TikTok post.

In a clip posted to the social media site on Sunday, the former Dance Moms personality dished on her interactions with a number of Hollywood stars.

When it came to selecting the “rudest celebrity I’ve met,” JoJo flashed a photo of Candace at the camera.

The 19-year-old didn’t share any further details in the post, which has already racked up over 14 million views.

Representatives for Candace, 46, have not yet commented on the TikTok.

Elsewhere in the post, JoJo named Zendaya as her celebrity crush, selected Elton John as the “coolest” person, picked Miley Cyrus as the “nicest” celebrity, and SpongeBob SquarePants as the “celebrity” who did her “dirty”.

Though JoJo didn’t expand on the SpongeBob reference, back in April, the YouTuber claimed she wasn’t invited to the 2022 Kids’ Choice Awards by Nickelodeon bosses.

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