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Jon Stewart defends Dave Chappelle amid backlash

Jon Stewart Takes A Stroll In Downtown New York Unshaven
Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart believes the backlash against his friend, Dave Chappelle, is a result of “miscommunication.”

On Thursday, the 58-year-old comedian was asked to weigh in on the controversy surrounding Chappelle’s recent Netflix special, The Closer, which triggered Netflix employees to stage a walk-out the day before. Stewart told TMZ the Chappelle Show star was one of his “favorite people on the planet” and argued the backlash may be due to miscommunication.

“That’s a different element but I know he’s one of my favorite people on the planet and he’s just a good, decent… you know, if there is any miscommunication, I’m sure that – I love that dude, like as a person,” the funnyman said. “He’s warm and wise and all those things.”

The walkout was planned after internal memos from the streaming platform’s co-CEO Ted Sarandos reinforced the company’s stance to keep the special on the platform. Attendees held signs that read “Trans lives matter” and “Transphobia is not a joke” in response.

When asked if the embattled comedian should engage with protesters about his remarks to address their concerns, The Problem with Jon Stewart host said that a conversation may lead to greater understanding.

“Look, if this spurs a conversation where people get more on the same page in terms of understanding that’d be great but I know his intention is never hurtful – like, he’s just not that kind of person,” he said of the 48-year-old. “And if it is (hurtful), it’s certainly unintentional. He’s really – he’s a good man.”

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