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Josh Hartnett dismisses Harrison Ford feud rumours

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Josh Hartnett

Josh Hartnett has dismissed an old rumour that he once feuded with Harrison Ford.

While speaking to The Independent, the Pearl Harbor star addressed a rumour that he didn’t get along with his co-star while on the set of the 2003 film Hollywood Homicide.

“Drama sold newspapers, especially back then,” Hartnett said of the 20-year-old rumour. “But we actually got along really well.”

The action-comedy film followed two police officers, played by Ford and Hartnett, from different generations navigating a working relationship. It marked one of Hartnett’s last major studio projects, with the actor leaning towards indie films later in his career.

“There were things that we disagreed about on set as far as (the script), and there was a lot of rewriting happening. But it was misinterpreted as ‘they don’t get along!'” he continued of the so-called feud. “It certainly wasn’t a set that was filled with tension. I think I did call him ‘the bane of my existence’ when we were on the press tour for that movie, but that was just because he was constantly ribbing me. That’s just his way.”

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