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Julia Garner was inspired by Caravaggio paintings while preparing for ‘angry’ ‘Ozark’ scenes

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Julia Garner

Julia Garner took inspiration from Caravaggio paintings while preparing for some particularly intense “Ozark” scenes.

During an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday night, host Jimmy asked the actress about the popular meme taken from the crime drama series showing her character Ruth Langmore looking “very, very angry”.

Reflecting on the moment, Julia explained that she had studied artworks by the Italian painter, such as the Medusa and The Seven Works of Mercy, to get in the right mindset.

“I’m very visual and get inspired by different things, and I really wanted the spirit of a Caravaggio painting. And the darkness. I feel Caravaggio paints intensity and chaos so well,” she explained. “I wanted my mind to feel kind of claustrophobic like that.”

In addition, Julia shared that she was also influenced by an infamous shot of Mike Tyson at the match infamously known as the “Bite Fight” between the controversial boxer and Evander Holyfield in 1997.

“I got inspired but it but there was still something missing. And then, I realised Mike Tyson is also another inspiration for me. I really got inspired by this photo as well. (The face Mike Tyson is making) could be in a Caravaggio painting. Don’t you think so? He was very mad there too,” the star added.

The first half of season four of Ozark is now airing on Netflix.

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