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Julia Louis-Dreyfus initially laughed about breast cancer diagnosis

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Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Julia Louis-Dreyfus doubled over with laughter after receiving her breast cancer diagnosis.

The Veep star opened up to WSJ. Magazine for their recent cover story, telling the publication she received the diagnosis from her doctor over the phone the day after winning her sixth consecutive Emmy award in September 2017.

After the call, the 62-year-old began laughing and it slowly evolved into crying.

“I mean, it felt like it was written. It felt like it was a horrible black comedy,” she told the outlet, via People. “And then it sort of morphed into crying hysterically.”

Julia added, “You just simply don’t consider it for yourself, you know, that’s sort of the arrogance of human beings. But of course, at some point, we’re all going to bite it.”

Following a double mastectomy and six rounds of chemo, Julia announced she was cancer-free in October 2018.

In the years since her recovery, the Seinfeld actress finds herself “living more mindfully”.

“It’s not like it’s yakking at me (my brain) all the time, but there’s more laser focus,” she explained.

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