Julia Sawalha: ‘I was dropped from Chicken Run for sounding too old’
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Julia Sawalha: ‘I was dropped from Chicken Run for sounding too old’

Actress Julia Sawalha is “devastated” after being dropped from the “Chicken Run” sequel for allegedly sounding too old.

Actress Julia Sawalha poses for photographers upon arrival at the World premiere of the film ‘Absolutely Fabulous’ in London, Wednesday, June 29, 2016. (Photo by Vianney Le Caer/Invision/AP)

The 51-year-old actress has hit out at the decision to recast her role as Ginger in the upcoming stop-motion sequel Chicken Run 2, insisting she is the victim of ageism.

Julia took to Twitter to reveal that Aardman Animations producers told her agent they would be using a younger actress for her character and she wouldn’t be invited for a voice test.

“Let’s be frank, I feel I have been unfairly dismissed,” she fumed. “To say I am devastated and furious would be an understatement. I feel totally powerless, something in all of this doesn’t quite ring true. I trust my instincts and they are waving a red flag.”

The Absolutely Fabulous star said she decided to record her voice and post it online to see how she sounded, and it was subsequently sent to Aardman Animations.

However, she said they told her: “Some of the voices (not yours, I agree) definitely sound older,” but then went on to say, “We will be going ahead to re-cast the voice of Ginger.”

Chicken Run 2 will continue to focus on the original characters Rocky and Ginger, who are now living with their little chick Molly on an island sanctuary free from humans.

Mel Gibson previously voiced hero Rocky, but it has also been confirmed he won’t be returning for the sequel, with Julia alleging that her 64-year-old former co-star has also been the victim of ageism.

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