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Julian Sands spoke about dangers of mountain climbing in last U.K. interview

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Julian Sands

Late actor Julian Sands admitted mountain climbing had become “more dangerous” in his last U.K. interview before he died on a solo hike.

The A Room with a View actor went missing on a solo trip to Mount Baldy in the San Gabriel Mountains in California on 13 January. In late June, more than five months later, human remains were discovered by hikers and positively identified as those of the 65-year-old.

In an interview conducted with the Radio Times in late 2022, Sands, a passionate climber, revealed that he often ventured out alone because his friends had given up mountaineering due to the unstable environment.

“Pals I used to climb with have stopped going to the mountains, partly because they find, with climate change, the rock faces have become much more unstable, partly, it’s age,” Sands said during the interview. “If you don’t really have the desire, the focus for climbing a route, if you’re not absolutely committed, it becomes much more dangerous and it’s a much more deflating experience.”

He added, “Finding folk whose company I enjoy in such stressful and intimate conditions is not easy.”

The British actor also shared that he had come across human remains while hiking himself.

“I’ve found spooky things on mountains, when you know you’re in a place where many people have lost their lives, whether it be on the Eiger or in the Andes. You may be confronted with human remains and that can be chilling,” he divulged.

The cause of Sands’ death is still under investigation.

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