Just when you thought Kim and Kanye couldn’t get any worse…
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Just when you thought Kim and Kanye couldn’t get any worse…

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There is a report right now that Kim and Kanye are going to name their son Easton.

I thought the apocalypse had arrived when they decided to name their daughter North. Eventually I got used to it. I WILL NEVER GET USED TO EASTON WEST! AND NORTH WEST!

No! This is NOT ok. And hey! This is coming from probably the nicest person to the Kardashians on the station! I don’t hate them!


You cannot name a child Easton West!???? It sounds like East ‘N West, which is unacceptable. A child’s name should not sound like a play on words. If it was Easton Kardashian — Sure! Easton Griswold? Why not! Easton West — No.

And it’s doubly terrible because their other child is named North. They made the mistake of naming their kid after a compass once, and now they’re going to do it again. And in my opinion, this one’s worse.

You’re welcome, for another head exploding moment from Marley McMillan.


What do you think of the name? Can you offer any solace to relieve this confused state of blind rage?

Yours in praying to the tabloid gods they got this one wrong.




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