Justin Bieber gets booed at CBS’ Fashion Rocks
Colleen Lindstrom

Justin Bieber gets booed at CBS’ Fashion Rocks

Justin Bieber proved what we already knew last night on “Fashion Rocks,” (a live broadcast for fashion week on CBS hosted by Ryan Seacrest) that he is in desperate need of an image rehaul.

The singer turned D-bag stripped down to his Calvins before announcing Rita Ora’s performance.

The booing audience was not into it. As he removed his clothing, the boos awkwardly got louder and louder.

Meanwhile, Bieber continued his disrobing, seemingly unaware of everyone’s displeasure. Likely he only heard the 6 young girls screaming with excitement.

It was so bad, it was almost good.

I bet if you watch this in reverse it will sound like cheering.




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