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Justin Long pens sweet birthday note to ‘best person’ Kate Bosworth

When: 03 Jan 2023

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Justin Long

Justin Long has penned an epic love note to his girlfriend Kate Bosworth to mark her 40th birthday.

To celebrate the Blue Crush actress reaching the milestone age on Monday, the Dodgeball actor uploaded a series of sweet snaps of the pair to Instagram.

In the accompanying caption, Justin wrote a long letter in which he gushed over Kate, whom he described as the “best person” he knows.

“She is deeply compassionate and can’t hurt anyone but she can be a rascal. She loves to tease. She has the best softest lips I’ve ever kissed. She loves beer and football more than I do (and I love beer and football). She is the strongest person I’ve ever known,” he praised. “She’s fiercely committed to the truth. She’s so fun to work with. She’s the most fun to do everything with. She is genuinely curious about people and the world. She makes everything in my life better – all my favorite songs and movies, vacations and sunsets and Chinese food.”

Justin also commended Kate’s baking ability and “deeply honest” writing.

“She has true integrity and grit. She has, by far, my favorite smile. She is sitting next to me writing her own Instagram post that I know will be eloquent and funny and deeply honest – because she is all those things. She is going to write such a great inspiring book one day. She is my joy. She is my best friend,” the 44-year-old continued.

Kate and Justin started dating in January 2022.

She was previously married to Michael Polish from 2013 until 2021.

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