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Justin Long reveals Vince Vaughn has ‘a great idea’ for Dodgeball sequel

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Justin Long

Justin Long has revealed that Vince Vaughn has “a great idea” for a sequel to their movie Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story.

The 2004 sports comedy starred Vaughn and Ben Stiller as rival gym owners who compete in a dodgeball competition, and Long portrayed Justin, a player on Vaughn’s team.

While speaking to, Long revealed that “Vince had been telling me that he has this great idea for a sequel”.

He explained that while he and Vaughn are on board with the idea, Stiller is a “little trepidatious about doing a sequel to something so beloved”.

Long continued, “It’s very risky, you don’t wanna s**t on the original, you want something just as good. So I think he’s a little wary of that, of trying to recreate something that was very specific to that time, but I hope he comes around on it.

“Vince is a very convincing person, so I’m just hoping Vince can convince him with his idea. It’s a funny idea, I don’t wanna say what it is.”

Although Stiller is uncertain about making a sequel, Long noted that his co-star enjoys playing his character White Goodman.

“I know Ben loves Dodgeball and loves that character. I remember how much fun he had playing it,” he said. “He was always laughing. When we got together years later to do a little mini-reunion for this charity and Ben put on the moustache again I remember him talking about how happy it made him playing White Goodman again and how much fun that character was.”

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