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Justin Timberlake’s young co-star hadn’t heard of him before ‘Palmer’

Ryder Allen, an eight-year-old who featured alongside Justin Timberlake in new film “Palmer”, has admitted he had no idea who the pop legend was before working with him.

Allen and Timberlake were chatting with breakfast show Today when the young actor revealed that he had to research Timberlake to discover how his co-star became famous. “Actually, at first, I had no idea who Justin Timberlake was,” Allen confessed, as a stunned Timberlake joked: “You’re aging me!” The pair soon made fast-friends on set however with Allen adding that Timberlake has now become his “best movie friend”. “One of the best parts about working with Justin is the experience that I got with him. All the notes, all the jokes, all the, just experience, including, I think which is a day-to-day friendship between us,” Allen shared. “So, really great time filming with him, still great time, even seeing him, so he’s my best friend, best movie friend,” he continued. Directed by Fisher Stevens, Palmer tells the story of a former college football star, played by Timberlake, whose career prospects are ruined after he is imprisoned for a crime. After his release, he returns to his hometown and strikes up an unlikely friendship with a boy (Allen) who was abandoned by his mother. Alisha Wainwright also appears in the drama as the boy’s teacher. The movie is set for release on AppleTV+ on 29 January. – Cover Media