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Kaley Cuoco has ‘no plan’ for baby’s impending arrival

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Kaley Cuoco

Kaley Cuoco has “no plan” in place for when her baby arrives.

The Big Bang Theory actress took to Instagram on 11 October 2022 and announced she is expecting her first child, a baby girl, with her actor boyfriend Tom Pelphrey.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Kaley revealed Tom has been doing a lot of reading to get ready for the baby’s arrival, while she hasn’t prepped a thing.

“I have no plan and I’ve read zero books so that’s the type of mom I will be,” she admitted. “All the ways I’m not like a prepper. I’m just not that way. It’s gonna be great, I trust the process. Tom has Googled enough for the both of us. He could probably deliver this baby at this point.”

She continued, “I’m just like, ‘It’s gonna be great.’ But that’s how I’ve gone through life. I think nowadays we get so caught up, right? We didn’t even have all this stuff at our fingertips and now it’s almost too much.”

The 37-year-old, who confirmed her relationship with Tom in May 2022, shared her mother will also help out with the newborn as she has been “waiting on a grandchild for, like, 20 years”.

Also, Kaley’s friend, who has an infant, recently reassured her the baby will tell her exactly what she needs to do.

“I was like (to my friend), I know I tell people what to do. If this child is anything like me, she’s gonna be like, ‘This is what I want,’ and I just need to listen,” The Flight Attendant actress shared.

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