Kanye continues his classic rants
Colleen Lindstrom

Kanye continues his classic rants

Kanye is in full blown ranty meltdown mode. And it’s happening all over Twitter.

Leading up to the release of his new album, Pablo, Kanye drew attention from the public with some of his verbose nonsensical tweets. Prior to his performance on SNL, we saw a handful more, and just before the Grammy telecast, he was chattering again.

Tongues are wagging, wondering if this is an attention grabbing move, of a real sign of a more serious issue.

Tuesday evening, he hit the Twitter-sphere again.

Ummm… that’s like $46 per hour. But, moving on…

I did look this up for us, and it’s kind of true.

Anyway, he goes on about the textbooks, and then finishes with this:

(Nicolas Ghesquiere is the Director of the house of Louis Vitton.)

And that’s when some smart person responded:


Yes, please, Kanye. Lose your Twitter password.



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