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Kate Winslet: ‘I’ll always regret working with Woody Allen and Roman Polanski’

Kate Winslet will “probably always grapple” with regrets about working with troubled filmmakers Woody Allen and Roman Polanski.


The Titanic actress first admitted she regretted working with Polanski on 2011’s Carnage and Allen on 2017’s Wonder Wheel to Vanity Fair last year, and in a new interview with The Observer, she confessed those regrets will stay with her forever, and she’s amazed it’s only been in recent years that roles in their films have stopped being so sought after.

“I shouldn’t have worked with Woody, or Roman, and I’ll probably always grapple with those regrets,” she said. “It’s just unbelievable to me now that those men have been held in such high regard in this industry, and for such a long time. I defy anyone in the acting community to deny that parts in their movies were heavily coveted. And that’s only just changed.”

Many actors who have worked with Allen in the past have expressed regret about doing so in recent years, after his adopted daughter Dylan Farrow repeated her allegation that he sexually abused her as a child in 2013, a claim she first made in 1992. Allen has always denied the accusation. Polanski has been in exile in Europe since he fled America in the 1970s before he could be sentenced for unlawful sex with a minor.

Winslet said she realised in 2017 that working with the directors “was sitting very badly with me”, even though she defended working with them to The New York Times that year.

She also admitted that some people in the film industry have reacted badly to her admission of regret.

“I’ve only said it out loud a couple of times. But yes, they have. There will always be people saying, ‘Well, you did the film, so…’ but we have to be able to change, don’t we? We have to move forward. Try,” she stated.

Allen is currently in the headlines following the premiere of the four-part HBO documentary Allen v. Farrow, which revisits the allegations, on Sunday.

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